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It’s been two years o.o
I don’t even know how to describe this feeling…

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Anonymous wondered,

what happened to this blog?

OOC: On top of being busy with the group I help administrate, school got to be too much, and… I lost the password to this blog. 

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Moar Frozen Fishies || Elsa and Attina


Elsa watched as the guards swam off, it was entertaining to see this merprincess dictate authority like that, she was starting to see a little of herself in the mermaid and did her best not to smirk or giggle even if she wanted to. She knew it was that kind of control and confidence that let a simple command take so much weight on two men bigger than she was. Elsa did her best to keep a straight face, but amusement and a sense of child like awe sparkled in her crystal blue eyes.

When the mermaid introduced herself Elsa reflected inwardly on the girl’s name. It was rather lovely. She nodded her head gracefully, even now in water though she seemed to have a problem staying still there was a sense of posture and grace. When such things were etched into the mind from the start of childhood it was hard to erase or conceal them. Did she dare to introduce herself formally? Perhaps giving her status and title would make her seem like less of a threat, but what if it did the opposite?

She cleared her throat some. “I’m Crown Princess Elsa of Arendelle.” she said with a regal tone and a humble nod of her head. “I wish I could say that Arendelle was a kingdom underwater, but it isn’t.” she said with an apologetic look. “If it hadn’t been obvious I’m a human…or I used to be one.” she said a she looked down at her silvery blue shimmering tail. It still felt so strange to look down and see that instead of her legs. 

Attina did best to keep shock from her face. With such an introduction, she wasn’t quite sure how to properly react. She managed a soft smile and nod of the head. It was rather impressive, and left her wondering why she never gave her title. Normally she wouldn’t even have to think about it — someone else already would state her status and birth place. Especially being the heiress to the Seven Seas, Attina felt awkwardly humble…for once.

"A pleasure to meet you Princess Elsa of Arendelle." She bit her tongue and shook her head, refusing to note how she could see as clear as day the young woman was new to the waters - literally. "You looked a bit disheveled, but don’t worry, we can get you back to Arendelle soon enough. Not to startle you, but some of our guards are trained to sense company, like whales with sonars, some of us are blessed with the ability to track given ears to sense heart beats. Yours was one that… wasn’t recognized. I didn’t know what to expect."

Attina glanced ahead to the guards and sighed softly, head suddenly being pulled back to a different thought. She shook it away immediately. “We haven’t had trouble with sea witches in years so the guards assumed there was sorcery or… an imbalance in the waters, a monster? I suppose. Nice to see, instead, another princess. Tell me, is Arendelle close to the coast?” Or near Denmark. But that question could wait a while.

Moar Frozen Fishies || Elsa and Attina


The young snow princess of Arendelle swam after the merprincess and her guards. Of course it was difficult to keep up as it was her first time being a mermaid herself, but she managed. If she didn’t think too hard on it she’d find herself swishing her tail along moving it up and down in a rhythm that kept her aloft and not spinning around like a top.

It still shocked Elsa when she thought about all of it. She was sure this was her brain acting it’s last few moments of life, that she was dying, drowning somewhere by the docks but each time she pinched her arm it assured her that she wasn’t dreaming at all and that she was very much alive. 

Mermaids. Real mermaids, part of her wanted to swim back home and tell Anna, but she had no idea how that would happen now. She glanced down at her hands feeling a deep worry settle in her. She prayed that her ice powers would be mute underwater. She didn’t want to be seen as a threat otherwise she’d never get home.

How did one explain this to the other merpeople? Oh well you see I didn’t think you were real and I just fell into the water chasing something…don’t remember what and then poof I’ve got a tail and can breathe underwater!!….even to her that sounded loopy and insane. What had she been trying to chase? Something had taken her book…but now she couldn’t remember what it was. Perhaps that had to do with this transformation?

After seeing the merprincess and her entourage of guards it didn’t seem impossible, after all she was a girl blessed or cursed with ice powers, and she’d seen trolls before. If those were real, mermaids were certainly not out of the question. “How far is your kingdom?” Elsa asked finding it funny that when she spoke bubbles slipped out of her mouth tickling her nose. 

What would her father say if he were to find out about this? It had been years since the last curse with Ursula. More than ten since Ariel married Eric and was living on land. Attina’s heart twisted at the thought. That’s when it started - when her sisters realized they could leave and not be penalized or forced to come visit. At least she still had Aquata and Andrina back at the castle. 

The orange scaled mermaid glanced back to two guards behind her and the ‘visiting’ princess. Attina could explain it, but she knew. This wasn’t a trick or a set up preformed by a sea witch. This princess didn’t want to be here, and probably had a family she desperately wanted to return to. The Seas’ King wouldn’t understand his daughter’s determination, but she didn’t seek an understanding. She just wanted to figure out how to get this young woman back to her land and understand how this happened. 

Attina glanced back to the guards behind her, “Ka- …” she cleared her throat, growing embarrassed by her small slip up. Kaelin isn’t around for miles, she reminded herself. “Guards, please give me and… this young woman some space to talk?” She slowly rose her brow, daring the brutes to question her. They exchanged a look between them then swam ahead, forming an invisible wall between the women and the waters ahead. 

She swam towards the fair and light blonde mermaid and put her hands behind her back. “Not much further. Perhaps fifteen minutes.” She looked forward to the guards ahead and watched them for half a minute, trying to phrase her sentence without sounding like a cruel judgmental person. “I am Attina of Atlantica. My apologies, that’s usually the first thing I say when I meet someone. And you are?” Attina turned to look to the woman. Age was a strange thing, but comparing their bodies’ aging processes, they couldn’t be too far apart in age.

Sorry I haven’t been on lately. If you need me (or miss me- HA!) I’m usually with Jack or doing admin stuff over at WTSC.

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Ellie has a blog now.

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And I’ll generate a number from 1-22. All funny and fluffy prompts meant as comedy starters- because there’s not enough giggling going on and we all deserve a little comic relief!
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Sutton Foster, Patina Miller, Karen Olivo, and Anna Kendrick tribute to Shirley MacLaine | Live at Kennedy Center Honors 2013 (x)


… to finding out that yours is in charge of the food
❈ … to finding out that yours is in charge of setting up the fireworks
☣ … to finding out that yours is in charge of popping the champagne
… to finding out that yours is in charge of the drinks
☼ … to finding out that yours is in charge of the party’s theme
♪ … to finding out that yours is the DJ
♫ … to being dragged into singing karaoke 
■ … to being interrupted by yours whilst getting ready
♤ … to being dragged into your party games
✖ … to finding yours crying on the street corner
… to receiving drunk texts from yours
… to yours confessing something (specify)
ღ … to being the target of your drunken affection
… to yours being inappropriately under dressed
♛ … to yours being overdressed for the occasion
☀ … after being told to change clothes
۝ … after meeting your parents/siblings
… to being stuck in a taxi, in traffic with yours
☁ … to running into an ex
★ … to walking in and interrupting a room that’s “occupied”
◙ … to being thrown a surprise party
… to having to look after yours
… to nursing your hangover

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